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Global plastic limit! From plastic restriction order to plas

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The side effects brought by science and technology and industry are gradually emerging. Taking plastic products as an example, after replacing traditional packaging and manufacturing for many years, people found that the pollution harm to the earth caused by plastic products could not be estimated. In order to reduce the huge amount of marine plastic pollution, plastic straw will be banned in England. According to statistics, Europe produces 25.8 million tons of waste plastic every year, and less than 30% of them are recycled. The European Union plans to ban some plastic products, including disposable tableware, in 2021.
Global plastic limit! From plastic restriction order to plastic prohibition order, disposable plastic straws are banned in the UK
According to British media, the world's marine plastic waste exceeds 150 million tons, and about 8.5 billion disposable plastic straws are thrown away every year. Therefore, a series of products including disposable plastic straws, plastic cotton swabs and plastic mixing sticks are banned in England.
This means that disposable plastic products such as straws will not be used in pubs and restaurants in the UK. In response, McDonald's will use paper straws instead of plastic pipes in all restaurants in the UK and Ireland, and many large companies and restaurants will also use degradable products or other plant fiber substitutes.
According to the data, Europe produces 25.8 million tons of plastic waste every year, of which less than 30% are recycled, 31% are landfilled and 39% are burned.
Once convenient for urban life, plastic products have become one of the largest pollution sources in the world. However, many cities in the United States have legislated against the use of plastic straws. Including New York and Hawaii, the cost of paper straws is 3-5 times higher than that of plastic products. However, the supply of paper straws is still in short supply and they often need to be ordered in advance.
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